More Cabinet Stuff

The man who installed our cabinets is Chinese. He and his wife did the installation in less than 2 days.

If you look carefully, you can see their rice cooker on the counter. People gotta eat!

I’m really loving the color of the walls.

This is going to be our breakfast area.

Some things need to be fixed. The cabinets need to be fixed to accommodate the farmhouse sink. I feel like the pantry is bulky but my friend assure me we will fill it up in no time. I’m loving the lazy Susan in the corner.

The floors are gray to help level them a bit more.

We will be putting Coretec flooring in the front of the house and carpet in the back.

It’s been a lot of work! It’s coming together quickly. 


Painting, Lighting Done!

Here are some more picture updates! Like I said…it’s happening so fast

Bathroom is painted!

Sub-floor being put in. It’s difficult to properly align floors when your home is not on a foundation.

The paint is gray. I’m digging it.

Loving our new outdoor lighting! Really makes a difference.

I expect these motion lights to go off about 289 times/night with all that animals out there.

Cabinetry starting!

Where to Even Begin?

I am so behind! I’ve been meaning to update but things happened so fast.

We are almost done with the interior of the home!

This is the living room/laundry room. The Sheetrock/texture was done in October.

This is where our kitchen will be. The large window on the left is going to be my view when doing the tons of dishes I have regularly!

Ah…can’t wait to look at this while scrubbing leftovers off of plates.

We had a dumpster to collect all the trash from the interior and exterior of the home. And trust me when I say we filled that sucker up!

The huge mound of wood, trash, and most likely a den of snakes was burned and covered. (I had a huge problem with burning snakes if they were in there so our helper assured me he made a lot of noise and a few did slither out!)

It was about 6 feet deep. This is only a small portion of the trash that was burned.

If you can see…the pile was on the right behind those trees. It’s flat and all covered now. Machete was a lifesaver!

On To Other Updates

It’s all coming together rather quickly! It’s almost too quickly because we had to order our sink online along with light fixtures. I quickly realized I do NOT like the selection at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

Found some online I’m considering.

I love this light for above the bathroom vanity! Still thinking about it. We need to decide very soon!

This is my kitchen inspiration. I bought this sink. (A cheaper one, but similar in look.) We had no idea there is so much thought that goes into a farmhouse sink! Cast iron vs fireclay is a thing!

Our electrician finished all he needed to do! He said it would take 2-3 days and by God, he took 3 days and stood by his word. We hate that it was such a surprise but we are incredibly grateful!

With the electric being done we…

  • Have motion sensor lighting on 2 sides of the home
  • Have added cable wiring to every room (including the back porch for a TV!)
  • Added 16 different recessed lighting fixtures to the entire home
  • Put in lighting for our front porch and back porch
  • Hooked up lights in the attic.

Our door is framed and we will be adding the new door this week.

In case you didn’t notice we will now have one huge window above our farmhouse sink. My view while doing dishes will be unobstructed which I love! (If you also notice we had all the framing redone and now those reinforcement beams are gone.)

This is part of the living room now. Our Sheetrock should be starting this week and will take about 3 days. Once that is done, the custom cabinets will be measured again and will be completed in about 10 days. After that, granite will be chosen, back splashes and paints as well. Last things will be appliances and flooring. 

Please pray things go quickly. The drive, while not impossible, has been tiring at times!

Plumbing Completed

Finally! Somehow, things got kicked into high gear and haven’t stopped.

We had our indoor plumbing completed. It took the longest recently (5 weeks) but it’s pretty much done except for the final run-through of all appliances.

We now have:

  • 1 toilet hooked up to the septic system
  • Propane lines placed inside and out
  • Vanities placed in bathrooms
  • 2 new spickets on either side of the home
  • Laundry room and a manifold which runs all water to one location (more on this later)
  • All plumbing in place for all kitchen appliances
  • Tankless water heater installed

In this picture, we have the before and after of our laundry room. The before was simply a chandelier and we assume it was used as a dining room. We got that framed and this is now our laundry room. The blue & red pipes are all the water connections from the whole house. Remember when your toilet would overflow and you’d reach behind and turn the water off? Now we have manifolds. They are all turned off in this one contraption.

I’m not sure I like the idea of the manifold because if my bathroom is flooding, I want it off ASAP. Making ourselves familiar with the manifold will help I know. 

So…laundry room is completed! 

Tankless water heater. It’s about 3 feet high. It is in a hallway closet. Saves space!

School Year Started

Our daughter has started high school in the town our farmhouse is located. The school has about 50 students/grade. She has really thrived and we’ve loved seeing the small town way things are done in their local school. It’s a far cry from the 3,500+ students she would have had here at our local high schools and ultimately, this has so far been a great fit. 

I also realize that the small schools have negatives. We aren’t painting a perfect picture but we’ve had positive experiences so far!

I love taking her to school and seeing the sunrise every morning over the fields of cotton. I love the mist that sits over the fields of grass as horses graze. It’s a beautiful start to everyday!

Rooms and Floods

Houston was hit by some strong rain last week. So, of course our country home was hit pretty bad as well. There was wide spread flooding in the Houston and surrounding areas leaving so many people with damage to their properties and homes.

In the country, this usually means people have to find temporary shelters for horses, cattle, and other pets. It’s devastating and very time consuming once the sun returns in a couple of days. Our main home in Katy had some minor roof damage (again!) but luckily, nothing else. Others were not as fortunate.

Our farmhouse had no damage! Not even roof leaks, which to me was a huge surprise. There is often standing water outside the home so this is always a concern for us.


This is typically what we see in a few spots on the surround the house. No bueno!


Road blocked near the house.


Neighbors around the corner from us. Their backyard is the San Bernard river which is less than 1/2 a mile from us. We saw them burning many belongings yesterday such as furniture and wood flooring. It’s all so sad.


Another picture of flooding in town. Could have been so much worse for us. We are grateful it wasn’t worse. People are incredibly resilient!

Fortunately for us, we have been able to continue with updating the house. Our contractor has been steadily completing small tasks like texturing the hallway and all bedrooms. He also painted the 4 bedrooms.


This will be a guest room/office. The paint color is Cottage White by Behr. We used a primer since the texture was recently put on.


H’s room. (Sorry it’s dark, she wanted a darker gray!)


Before and after of our hallway. He textured it so we will probably paint it last, once furniture is moved in.

We had some fun looking at aerial views of the property recently. You can see the red pin is the property. The yellow (poorly drawn!) box is the entire property. It’s 5 acres and seems so small in the grand scheme of things! What’s interesting is from this view, you can see what neighbors have on their properties! The family to the left in the picture have a fairly large lake with tiki huts and palm trees! You can see in the bottom left corner of the picture the river runs there. That’s the proximity to our home.


I used snapchat for this one (sorry!). I love the design on the neighbor’s yards. All the loops are just fun to see from the sky. Also, this was taken at the exact time Machete was clearing our land for the very first time! You can even see his yellow tractor in the middle of the property. He had cleared off the top right corner of the property (the brown, more flat piece to the right of the pin).


frontbeforeafterAbove is our before and during, not necessarily after. It’s the before and after of our siding. Still have the front door to frame. Still have so much ┬áto do but it’s finally coming together. Thanks for reading and I hope we can have even more updates soon! It’s been fun seeing it all come together.

Can’t Believe We Have Progress!

Our siding is done and now, our interior bedrooms will (hopefully) be completed by next weekend!! This is really happening! We were so used to planning and getting our hopes up just to have our contractor not show up or drag his feet for months. So now, the light is at the end of the tunnel!

We also had the gentleman who did our floors in our current home reach out to me and he sent me some pictures of the kitchen remodels he does and it looks like he may work out for us! (We hope his quote matches our available budget.) We will still have him do our flooring so we cannot wait to see this all come to fruition!

Our current contractor is the man who also does our lawn. Who would have known he would come through for us? We are blessed!

So…this week all 4 bedrooms and the hallway and closer will have sheet rock, texture, framing all windows and doors, and cable run in. Closets will be put in and they will be ready to paint. We are excited!

In other neighborhood news, our rear neighbors have goats! About 10 of them. I haven’t met them but hopefully will soon. They are an older couple and hopefully we will meet soon.

It’s so peaceful out there. We are planning where to put a tree swing for Hema and where to temporarily put a picnic bench. It is a whole lot of fun imagining all this!

The swing we want for the backyard.

Siding is Finished!

The siding (Hardi-plank) is finished! Our contractor completed it in 3 days. We are happy!

He has another job but will move onto the framing of the door & put our new door in along with the window trim next week.


Siding done! Yay!

There are some small errors made by the previous contractor that he will fix but for now they are still there. (Gaps, some not being aligned, etc…)


Side of the home. This had not been worked on in 9 months!

We will then move onto the inside I think. That or the porch. Depends on the cost. I’m so happy to be getting this done!  

Finally Back to Work!

We finally started working on the house again. We found a great contractor who actually gets stuff done in a really timely manner. He’s cheaper than another we are probably going with so he will do the easier, more aesthetic jobs & the more expensive guy will probably do all our kitchen and living room work along with plumbing & electrical. We are VERY happy!


Old siding removed ! Finally!

We are going to also re-do the porch. Most of our money will not go into the front but will be put into a nice, larger screened-in back porch. 

  See that baby water moccasin? Yup…freaked me out.
Our landscaper is the one doing our siding. We call him Machete. He is a power house & force to be reckoned with. He is really awesome and we can’t wait for him to help us finish the house!